France is among Europe's largest nations. It is surrounded by six nations various other nations: Germany, Belgium as well as Luxembourg to the northeast, Switzerland as well as Italy to the southeast and also Spain to the southwest. The UK borders France using the English Channel. The country is thought about to be the entrance to Europe as there are several huge worldwide airport terminals (two of these can be located in Paris), ferry terminals as well as the French rail service.



rance is one of the most popular visitor destination in the world. There are many reasons many individuals take pleasure in going to the diverse country, consisting of the all-natural beauty, the remarkable environment, outside entertainment tasks such as golf courses, art museums and galleries therefore a lot more. There are various tasks that detail the history of the nation which are pleasurable to site visitors, specifically considering its unstable past.



France is situated in the Northern Hemisphere. As its fellow European neighboring nations, it goes through a cycle of four distinctive seasons:

  • Spring – le printemps
  • Summer – l’été
  • Autumn – l’automne
  • Winter – l’hiver